Kickstart your daughter’s belief in herself with my self-guided course that will have her playing to her fullest potential


Discover the skills that have empowered players on these teams!



Often, coaches and athletes think the best way to boost an athlete’s game is to train harder. In my experience, a better pathway to success is for your daughter to believe in her strengths. 

If she is confident in herself, she can find joy in the game and crush her goals. My course can bridge the gap between physical skill and having the mindset to truly excel. Confidence is a skill that can be learned, and Alpha Girl Confidence Accelerator  will show her how to develop it.


She shows up to practice. She does the drills. She works hard at her game, but she’s still unsatisfied with her performance. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Her biggest roadblock isn’t ability. It’s mindset. And that’s where Alpha Girl Confidence Accelerator comes in. By learning how to access her inner superpower, the hours of dedication and practice will come together so she can reach her goals with pride.


What you get in the Alpha Girl Confidence Accelerator

Give your daughter lifetime access to valuable resources, that will help her to build unshakable confidence in her sport and life.

20+ Training Videos

These videos will teach her how to bulletproof her mindset, break free from her negative thoughts and beliefs, and step out with confidence both in her sport and her daily life.


Monthly Guest Speaker Recordings

Each month, your daughter will receive a recording from a guest speaker who will add their insights and expertise on how to build confidence and improve her physical game. There will be one new speaker each month, plus access to the entire library of past recordings!

Action Step Templates

Each training video that your daughter watches comes with a downloadable action guide for her to work through and implement in all areas of her life.

The Alpha Girl Confidence Accelerator Helps Girls...


Develop Self-Belief

Recognize everything she already has to offer and her ability to keep growing so she can play and live to her fullest potential

Overcome Her Fear of Failure

Defeat her inner critic and boldly take risks, because she will be able to focus on progress over perfection. 

Stop Comparing Herself

Have the self-confidence to play to her full potential instead of comparing herself, and seeking external validation


What Players And Parents Are Saying...


I’ve seen her confidence soar, I’ve seen her set goals and achieve them, and I’ve also seen her overcome her biggest obstacle, which was her fear. ... Now she uses that fear to teach her instead of defeat her.”

Rebecca (Abigial's mom)


“I’m so much more confident than I was before. When I step onto the field I’m already in the right mental headspace. ...

Because you’re more confident mentally you’ll do things physically you’ve never done before."

-Katelyn (soccer athlete)


Since she’s been working with Coach Shay, she’s been way more positive. It’s been such a valuable experience, not only … for soccer but for life and life skills.”

Amber (Brooklyn’s mom)

Can You Put a Price on Confidence?

What is your biggest dream for your daughter? Isn’t it recognizing herself as the amazing person you know she is? It’s hard to see the person you love most be down on themselves. Help her to see herself the way you do, and watch the way it transforms her life. Self-confidence will do more than power-up her game. It will also help her succeed in school and her relationships with others. Everyone wins!

  • Lifetime Access to 20+ videos.......................$1000
  • Monthly Guest Speaker Recordings..................$200 
  • Access to Complete Library of Past Guests...................$500
  • Homework & Action Step Templates..................$100

Retail Value: $1,800

Your Investment: $397


Are you ready to end those disappointing car rides home?

There’s nothing worse than seeing your daughter beat herself up after a tough game. No matter what you say, it doesn’t seem to help, and she gets down on herself even though you KNOW the potential she has inside her. Sports are supposed to be fun!

I’ve experienced those self-defeating feelings. I’ve felt like I let myself, my parents, my coach, and my team down, but I learned how to overcome those thoughts and play at my best. Now my mission is to help girls (in the same position I was in!) rekindle their confidence and empower their mindset so they can show up wholehearted in their sport and every other part of their lives. 

This course gives you the all-access pass to everything I’ve learned as an athlete as well as through coaching hundreds of girls… all for a lot less than paying a sports psychologist (who might not even know what it’s like to stand in your daughter’s shoes!).

The sky is the limit once your daughter accesses her superpower of confidence––from better performance to scholarship opportunities to rediscovering a simple love of the game. Don’t wait any longer.



Meet Shay

Shay Haddow is an expert coach and speaker on confidence and mindset for female athletes. Having worked with hundreds of youth female athletes and college teams from across the country, she’s empowered girl athletes to build unshakable confidence so they can live and play to their fullest potential.

As the host of the Alpha Girl Confidence Podcast, and Author of the best-selling book “She the Confident,” Shay is widely regarded for her insights on confidence and mindset by parents and coaches around the country.

After overcoming her own struggles of lack of confidence throughout her club and college soccer career, she knew that it was her life purpose to provide female athletes with the mentorship that she wished she had. Shay is dedicating her life to empowering female athletes to uncover their greatest superpower of all, allowing them to break free from their limitations and achieve their biggest dreams.