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If your daughter is ready to build unshakable confidence, so she can live and play to her full potential…you guys are going to LOVE The Alpha Girl Collective! 

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Does your daughter have low self-confidence?

Here's how to tell...


She overthinks every mistake

She holds back in games

She feels like she's not "good enough"

She compares herself to others

You want your daughter to believe in herself the way that you do, but...

No matter what you say, it doesn’t seem to help (because you’re “mom or dad”)

You spend your precious time and money on training that doesn’t seem to truly help her confidence 

She gets down on herself and holds back even though you KNOW the potential she has inside her

She feels like she’s alone and that there’s something wrong with her


Here's What's Possible For Her...

Belief In Her Self-Worth

It's possible for her to believe in her worth both as a person and an athlete so that she can achieve all she desires while loving herself fully

Access To Her Limitless Potential

We all have a limitless potential inside of us, and when your daughter learns how to access that, she will be able to become the woman she desires in her sport and her life

Unshakable Confidence

When your daughter builds unshakable confidence, she will no longer fear failure, compare herself to others, or crave approval. Her confidence will be UNSHAKABLE through the ups and the downs in life

Build Unshakable Confidence in Just 3 Steps


1. Join The Collective

Find a supportive community of like-minded people who’ve been there and want to help.

2. Get Trusted Mentorship & Coaching

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3. Take Action

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Join The Collective

See What Other People Are Saying About The Alpha Girl Collective


"As parents, we focus so much time and money on their training, practices, tournaments, tutoring. And a lot of times we forget the mental aspect of what our daughters do is just as important, now more than ever. So for me, it's money well spent, time well spent, and as long as your daughter is committed to putting in the effort, she will wildly benefit from this program."

– Liz Beattie, Soccer Mom

"Not only did I see results on the field, I saw results off of the field. I was more motivated to do my chores or study for a test. So my grades have improved, it's not just something to help you with your sport. It can also help you off of the field."

– Sophia B., Soccer Player


"It's often overlooked to have your child work on their mindset, but it's so crucial just for life and being able to persevere through anything. We feel like it was such a valuable experience , not only for soccer but for life and the life skills she's learned."

– Amber Garcia, Soccer Mom


"I've noticed great changes in my mental game. I don't worry about making mistakes, I just let myself play which makes soccer so much more enjoyable. Shay has also taught me how to be vulnerable, express myself, and listen to other people...which has overall just made me a better person."

– Katelyn S., Soccer Player


Here's what you'll get when you join The Alpha Girl Collective...

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions 

Each month we will have a variety of calls for players such as our coaching calls, Q&A calls, and guest speaker calls. We will also have one call per month dedicated to supporting parents.

Online Course

This is the self-paced part of the collective where your daughter will have access to 20+ training videos and templates that will teach her how to build confidence, improve mindset, develop leadership skills, and more!

The Collective Community

This private community for players is where we'll be having higher level conversations. Not only will she be getting additional support and accountability, but also be able to engage with other like minded players.

Meet Your Mentor

I know what it feels like to be so afraid of making mistakes, to constantly crave other’s approval, and to feel like I wasn’t good enough!

Just like your daughter, I thought I was alone – that I was the only girl on my team who felt that I wasn’t good enough… and I almost quit because of it...

...but I’m here to to tell you that she’s not alone, and there is hope for her to become confident and achieve whatever she wants out of life, just as I have.


This program is perfect for your daughter if she's struggling with confidence and wants:

To believe in her worth

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Access to her limitless potential

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Unshakable Confidence in Sport & Life

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