The Alpha Girl Confidence Mentorship Program will help your daughter to unleash her greatest superpower in order to play and live confidently.

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Trying to do this alone will only get her so far

I know that you only want what's best for your daughter. You've tried saying the right things, putting her in extra training, and even done your own research to help her believe in herself...

  • So why does she still not feel good enough?
  • Why does she hold back in games?
  • Why does she overthink every mistake?
  • Why does she get anxious before performing?



I've been in your daughter's shoes.

I know what it feels like to be so afraid of making mistakes, to constantly crave other’s approval, and to feel like I wasn’t good enough!

Just like your daughter, I thought I was alone- that I was the only girl on my team who felt that I wasn’t good enough… and I almost quit because of it...

..but I’m here to to tell you that she’s not alone, and there is hope for her to become confident and achieve whatever she wants out of life, just as I have.




The Alpha Girl Confidence Mentorship Program is a group coaching program  that helps female athletes build lifelong confidence without feeling less than, getting burnt out, and doing it alone. And it all happens because of our proven group coaching approach.

Core Training Curriculum

Your daughter will get lifetime access to 20+ training videos where she'll learn how to bulletproof her mindset, break free from her negative thoughts and beliefs, step onto the field/court with confidence, and live a confident life.

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

As she goes through the curriculum, this is the "live coaching experience" where Shay will personally help your daughter to build lifelong confidence. These calls will give your daughter the opportunity to share, engage and learn from other girls just like her. Shay hosts our live group coaching calls every Tuesday & Friday.

Monthly 1on1 Progress Calls

Throughout the duration of the program, your daughter will meet with Shay 1on1 for an orientation call, midterm call, and graduation call. These calls will allow Shay to personally coach your daughter and keep her on track!

Private Players Only Community

This private community for players is where we'll be having higher level conversations. Not only will she be getting additional support and accountability, but also be able to engage with other like minded players.

The Alpha Girl Confidence Mentorship will help your daughter to...

(Plus SO much more)

Consistently step onto the field with confidence

Develop self-belief in her abilities & overcome her fear of failure

Stop comparing herself and play to her full potential

How do we join the Alpha Girl Confidence Mentorship?

You can start the application process by booking a free strategy session call with Shay will ensure your daughter is a good fit for the program, share more about the program, and answer questions.

Spots are limited.

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Meet Shay

Shay Haddow is an expert coach and speaker on confidence and mindset for female athletes. Having worked with hundreds of youth female athletes and college teams from across the country, she’s empowered girls from all walks of life to strengthen self-belief to play and live confidently.

After overcoming her own struggles of self-doubt and lack of confidence, she knew that it was her life’s calling to provide female athletes with the coaching that she wished she had. Shay is dedicating her life to teaching female athletes how to uncover their greatest superpower of all, allowing them to break free from their limitations and achieve their biggest dreams.