Building Team Chemistry During COVID-19

teamwork May 18, 2020

Over the last few weeks, I've worked with three different college teams, and two different club teams, and the number one thing that they've been struggling with is how to stay unifying and engaged as a team during this time where we can't be together.

I'm a huge advocate and believer of the power of team chemistry. And it's something that's really suffering right now, because teams aren't able to have the same interactions, or do the same activities like we used to do.

We're all trying to pivot and change the way we do things, and although things may start to turn around this month,  it's important to take action now instead of waiting to build team chemistry.

This is going to be the season where you're going to be able to see the teams that are really making an effort to bond together and went above and beyond to improve their team chemistry- then you're going to be able to see the teams that didn't even get on a single zoom call, or do anything as a team to improve their...

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How to become a better teammate

teamwork Jan 08, 2020

Being a good teammate is often overlooked when it comes to the grand scheme of things.

If you want to make a new team or play in college, you will have a really hard time if you are an awful teammate.

People talk, and if word gets around that no one wants to be your teammate, bets are that that new team you want to join wont take you because they don’t want one bad apple to spoil the rest.

Let’s go through a few ways to be the best teammate and leader ever!!


  1. Talk positively to your team

Do not YELL at your teammate when they make a mistake. If they keep messing up over and over again, go talk to them to see what’s going on. Maybe you can help them out or maybe they don’t realize what they’re doing is wrong.


  1. Learn when to lead and when to follow

There will be times when you need to step up and be a leader on your team, and times when you need to take a step back and take the lead of others.

The most important trait to being a good...

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