Creating Structure to Manage Soccer & (Online) School


Welcome back to the blog! Today, I'm going to teach you how to maximize your time and be productive this fall season for school and for soccer.

I know everyone is in a different situation whether that is school in person, school online, maybe your season has gotten cancelled. I want to pass along four steps to help manage your time. 

To become a better student and player, I want you to maximize each and every week.


#1: Create weekly habits and intentions

Get out a planner and write three habits you can work on. One school-related, one soccer related, and one health-related. Setting these habits keeps you on track, keeps you in line with your intentions, and keeps you in line with your goals. 


#2: Get your assignments done

Procrastination takes a lot of time and energy. Make it a habit to stay on top of your assignments. Get it off your plate and then you can worry about other things. 


#3: Schedule your home workouts

Get some touches on the ball....

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