Stop Striving for Perfection, Start Striving for Progress


You might have noticed that we have re-branded the show from Alpha Girl Soccer podcasts to the Alpha Girl Confidence podcast.

Since I started online confidence calls, I knew that this was my true purpose and calling in life. To help girls in any sport, not just soccer.

Let's dive into today's blog!

If you're human like the rest of us,  you probably struggle with striving for perfection too often. I love this quote by Winston Churchill-

"Perfection is the enemy of progress."

I always see girls striving for perfection in their sport and school. Striving for perfection is unachievable and often leads to disappointment. So instead of this, I want you to start striving for PROGRESS.

I am going to teach you three ways that you can strive for progress and stop striving for perfection.

#1: Celebrate your wins

We tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. When you only focus on the negative, it becomes really hard to celebrate any accomplishments and progress...

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