The Simplest Way To Look and Feel Confident


Today's blog is all about the simplest way to not only look more confident, but to feel more confident.

We often forget how important our body language is and how much it can affect our confidence.

Think about when your teammates are warming up. You can always tell who is ready to play because of their body language. Their posture is good- they are standing tall.

 As soon as you start to fix your body language, you're going to start to feel differently.
I want you to try this right now! Whether you are sitting, standing, or walking, I want you to slump your shoulders and notice how you feel in the next couple of minutes...
How do you feel? Probably not great, right?
Now, I want you to roll your shoulders back, put your head up, and stand tall. My guess is you are going to start feeling more confident when you do this.

It's very simple to change the level of confidence you feel just by changing your body language.

Next time you make a mistake on the field,...

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How To Stop Overthinking Every Mistake


Who likes making mistakes?


When you're constantly afraid of making mistakes and overthinking your mistakes, it's like you're trapped in your own body and mind. You can't let go and be free.

From the age of 13, I was TERRIFIED of making mistakes. I fell out of love with the game, and was so close to quitting. I wasn't able to let loose and play free. My worrying was trapping me mentally.

I know many of you have that same problem. You think to yourself, "What if I make a mistake? What if my coach yells at me? What if I let my teammates down?" This automatically puts yourself in a box to where you won't allow yourself to play free. 

It's really hard to play at your full potential when you are thinking this. You need to be okay with making mistakes. 

How can you stop overthinking your mistakes?

#1: Before a game or practice, set an intention

Set an intention that you will let loose and play and know you will make mistakes and that's okay. Tell yourself that...

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