Controlling The Controllable


Welcome back guys. Today I wanted to talk about something that I think we ALL need help with, regardless of how old you are or where you're at in your journey.


Controlling the controllable.


What does being in control really mean? 

 It’s not about controlling the outcome, but having control over the process. Control how hard you work, control your attitude. 

 In sports, you don't always have control over the outcome of the game, but you do have control over how you prepare for the game.

 There are a few things that we DO have control over. Everyone is going to make mistakes, and we get to choose how we respond to those mistakes. Yes, you may get the ball taken away from you. Yes, you may miss the shot. Yes, you may fail the test.

How will you respond to those mistakes?



There are 4 things that we ALWAYS have control over.


Number one is attitude.

You always have control over your attitude. You are...

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How Female Atheltes Can Handle Adversity

mindset Jan 08, 2020

One of the most important skills that you must have in order to be a well rounded athlete is learning how to deal with adversity.

No one likes having to deal with adversity but we can’t live without, and more importantly, we can’t grow without it.

Adversity will come in many forms – on and off the field: Injury, getting cut from a team, being bullied, not getting playing time…

The list goes on..

It is absolutely critical for you to learn how to deal with it so you can learn and become stronger from it.

(This goes for on and off the field)

Here’s how you  can make adversity work for you, not against you:

Taking a failure/adversity and turning it into something positive

Failure and adversity is going to happen no matter how talented you are or how hard you work.  Although you don’t have total control over the bad things that happen, you CAN control how to react to it.

Don’t let failure control you. You have power to take a failure...

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