How to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged

confidence judgement Aug 05, 2020

A fear that many of us have is the fear of being judged by others. This is one of the MOST common fears of girls and teenagers. 


This becomes a huge problem when players are so afraid of how other people perceive them. Teammates, coaches, parents. 

I specifically remember in club soccer, I had some friends come watch me play a game. I was terrified of making a fool of myself or making a mistake. I didn't want to try too hard and fail.
What's the first thing you do when you make a mistake?
I'm guessing you might look at the sidelines at your coaches, parents, or teammates, anticipating to be yelled at. You will never reach your full potential if you play this way. Value the opinions of the people who love you.

Realize that most people are way more concerned about themselves than judging you. You are way harder on yourself than anybody else. 

The key to playing more confidently, having more fun, and...

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How To Be Confident After Injury

confidence injury mental Jul 01, 2020

Today, we are going to talk about the mental side of injury and how to be confident when coming back to your sport. 

When I was 12, I tore my ACL and it played a huge role in my lack of confidence as a player. It was one of the toughest things for me as a player and where my lack of confidence stemmed from.

I want to provide you with some tips that will be beneficial for you and your recovery from your injury. If you are healthy, listen up! This is important for you too. I want you to put this in your back pocket, in case you ever need it in the future.

Tip #1: Work hard while you are injured

It is important to get your strength, flexibility, and mobility back. The more work you put in, the better shape you'll be in when you are healthy again, and it'll be a lot easier transition for you.

Tip #2: Trust yourself

Trust your body, that it's healthy, and that it's strong and ready to play again. Be proud of yourself for having to courage to try again. Go out and play...

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Become A Great Leader Without Being Bossy


Today's blog is focused on one question:

How can I become a better leader without being bossy?

As female athletes, we don't want to be bossy and we don't want to be disliked by anyone on the team. Most girls deeply crave the approval of their teammates and friends.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to become a well respected leader. Here are 3 steps to help you become the leader you have always wants to be.

Step 1: Be the hardest working player on the field

It is simple and something you can always control. Always put 100% effort, and your teammates will respect you. Show your teammates that you care and want to work hard and contribute to the team.

Step 2: Be a positive force on the team

Encourage your teammates by telling them it is okay to make a mistake. Motivate them to work hard in a positive way. Show them that you care about them and that you want them to succeed. 

Step 3: Be a great communicator

Communication is a two way street. You need to be open...

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How To Find Your Identity Outside Of Sports

confidence identity Jun 10, 2020

I've got a super important topic that to share on the blog today. As athletes, we tend to get wrapped up in our identity in our sport as an athlete.  I am completely guilty of this and struggled with this a ton when I was done playing soccer. It is important to find your identity outside of sports because one day, you won't play sports anymore...

You have to figure out who you are.

So who are you?

The first thing that you need to do to find your identity outside of sports, is to realize that sports is what you do, NOT who you are. It takes a little bit of self awareness and a little bit of thought to figure this out.

Number two is to find new passions, learn new things, and gain confidence in doing things other than just your sport. When you gain confidence and try new things outside of your sport, you gain confidence as a person. Try new things that you can gain confidence in to prove to yourself that you are a confident person.

Number three is to realize that when you're done...

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Using Visualization to Improve Confidence and Performance

confidence May 18, 2020

Visualization can be a great tool for your daughter to use to be successful and feel more confident.

Visualization is kind of an interesting topic. I’m a huge believer in it and that it can help you in all areas of your life.

It’s rarely talked about youth sports, and in my opinion it’s not used nearly enough.

There are several ways that using visualization can help improve your daughters performance on the field.

Before a game if she is to visualize herself making a good play, scoring a goal, or  being aggressive then she is much more likely to perform that way in the game.

The whole point of visualization is to get your mind to focus in on something and experience results that you want.

So not only will it help her to play better but another huge thing that visualization will help as her ability to be confident.

Once she has visualized, and has experienced the feeling of being successful -she’s more likely to achieve that result and be confident when...

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