What you need to know about highlight videos

college recruiting Jul 09, 2019

One question that I have been getting a lot when it comes to college soccer recruiting is “How do I make a highlight video and is it necessary?”

Highlight videos can be a great way to be evaluated by a college coach that may not be able to watch you play in person…

…but not all coaches use highlight videos to evaluate players.

For example, big schools like UCLA have a bigger budget to travel and go see players in person- and coaches will always elect to watch players in person over on video if possible.

But, not all schools have the means to travel to around the country to watch players in person- and therefore they will use highlight videos to recruit players that are not local.

With that being said, a highlight video isn’t 100% necessary but it definitely doesn’t hurt to use them.

Here is when your daughter should use highlight videos:

  • She isn’t getting the exposure she wants
  • Her schools of interested are a far away
  • Her team doesn't attend many big tournaments
  • She won't be attending camps at her schools of interest

If any of the above are true, then I would start getting highlight footage ASAP.

But now you might be asking, how do create a highlight video??

Preparing a highlight video can be an intimidating process.

Most parents and players won’t do one simply because they don’t know how.

With today’s technology, it doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as pulling out your iPhone and getting a few minutes of footage.

 Here are some general tips to make a stand out highlight video:

  • Video length: 3-5 minutes
  • The opening should include your name & 3 points about the player
  • Use fast paced game footage, against good opponents
  • Good video quality (mute background noise)
  • Identify player in each clip with an arrow or circle
  • Include 5 seconds before the play so coaches can see how it developed


If you want more individualized guidance on whether or not your daughter should be using highlight video, I'd love to hop on the phone and help.

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Coach Shay


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