Controlling The Controllable


Welcome back guys. Today I wanted to talk about something that I think we ALL need help with, regardless of how old you are or where you're at in your journey.


Controlling the controllable.


What does being in control really mean? 

 It’s not about controlling the outcome, but having control over the process. Control how hard you work, control your attitude. 

 In sports, you don't always have control over the outcome of the game, but you do have control over how you prepare for the game.

 There are a few things that we DO have control over. Everyone is going to make mistakes, and we get to choose how we respond to those mistakes. Yes, you may get the ball taken away from you. Yes, you may miss the shot. Yes, you may fail the test.

How will you respond to those mistakes?



There are 4 things that we ALWAYS have control over.


Number one is attitude.

You always have control over your attitude. You are the one who gets to decide that, nobody can do that for you.


Number two is effort.

This is HUGE! I may not have control over having a perfect first touch or having a great game, but I do have control over how hard I work. Control what you can to have a real impact on the game. 


Number three is mindset.

How do you react to your mistakes? On and off the field, you have control over your mindset. You have control over your thoughts. You have control over your own beliefs, and that can be super powerful.


Number four is how you treat people.

 Now, you might be thinking, "Why does this matter for soccer or sports?"  We have zero control over how people treat us and how people perceive us, but we have full control of how we treat other people. How you treat people can determine your success: being a good teammate, a good friend, or being successful in the workplace.


Next time you are doing something uncomfortable or scary, realize that you have control over your attitude, effort,  mindset, and how you treat people.

 This is SO important. Life is hard, but you have to focus on the things that you control.


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