What To Do After You Get Benched


Today will be all about what to do after you get benched.

Now, I'm talking about getting benched because you made a mistake, or your coach is mad at you, or you are not working hard. When I was playing, I never knew what to do in those situations.

Usually, when you get benched, all you think about is the negative, right? You come off the field huffing and puffing and MAD! This is not engaging and will not help you in any way. You are not thinking about what you can do better in this moment.

BUT... I want to give you some tips that will help you in this scenario.

The first thing I want you to do is: Ask your coach for feedback.

This is especially important if you don't know what you did wrong. If you want to get back on the field and be better, make it known to your coach that you want to fix whatever it is that you did wrong. Something you could say is, "What can I do next time I get back on the field to do better?"

The second tip is: Focus on your breathing.

 When you focus on your breathing, you're going to bring yourself back to center and you won't be all hyped up. This will help you stay engaged and learn from the situation.
The last thing I want you to do is: Stay engaged in the game.
Stay engaged in the game, cheer for your teammates, and pay attention to the flow of the game so you are ready to step back onto the field strong. Be a good and supportive teammate by getting excited when your teammates do well.
If and when you get benched because of something you did wrong, I want you to remember these three things so that you can step back onto the field stronger and more confident!



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