How To Stop Overthinking Every Mistake


Who likes making mistakes?


When you're constantly afraid of making mistakes and overthinking your mistakes, it's like you're trapped in your own body and mind. You can't let go and be free.

From the age of 13, I was TERRIFIED of making mistakes. I fell out of love with the game, and was so close to quitting. I wasn't able to let loose and play free. My worrying was trapping me mentally.

I know many of you have that same problem. You think to yourself, "What if I make a mistake? What if my coach yells at me? What if I let my teammates down?" This automatically puts yourself in a box to where you won't allow yourself to play free. 

It's really hard to play at your full potential when you are thinking this. You need to be okay with making mistakes. 

How can you stop overthinking your mistakes?

#1: Before a game or practice, set an intention

Set an intention that you will let loose and play and know you will make mistakes and that's okay. Tell yourself that...

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How To Be a Leader That Your Teammates Respect

communication leader Sep 17, 2020

How can you gain the respect of teammates without being bossy?

Many girls that I talk to are unsure how to gain respect as a leader on their team. Girls crave the approval of their teammates. Many are afraid to step into power and afraid to put themselves out there for the better of the team.

In society, women who are strong-willed are often thought of as bossy. It has this negative connotation and it doesn't have to be that way. 

I have some tips that will help your teammates respect you as a leader, a person, and a soccer player.

#1: Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words. Be the hardest working player on the team and be consistent in what you do and how you do it.

#2: Be willing to listen

What makes a great leader? I ask this question and the first thing I hear is "communication." Communication is a two-way street. You have to be willing to listen to your teammates. Lean in and help your teammates with an open mind. 

#3: Get to know your teammates on...

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The Consequences of Negative Friends

friends influences positive Sep 09, 2020

Today, I'm going to talk about something that is really important for confidence, especially for teenagers. Take a minute to think about how much of an impact friends can make in your life. 

You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

What does that mean in your life? Are you spending time with negative people with fixed mindsets or are you hanging around people who have big goals who strive to be the best person they can be?

Sometimes your friends can be like crabs. If you put a bunch of crabs into a bucket, one of the crabs is going to try to escape from the bucket because they don't want to be trapped, right? As soon as one crab gets close, the other crabs are going to try to tear it down because they don't want that other crab to be successful when they're miserable.

This scenario happens to people ALL the time. Don't be like a crab and don't spend time with people who will tear you down. 

How do you know if you are hanging around the...

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Stop Striving for Perfection, Start Striving for Progress


You might have noticed that we have re-branded the show from Alpha Girl Soccer podcasts to the Alpha Girl Confidence podcast.

Since I started online confidence calls, I knew that this was my true purpose and calling in life. To help girls in any sport, not just soccer.

Let's dive into today's blog!

If you're human like the rest of us,  you probably struggle with striving for perfection too often. I love this quote by Winston Churchill-

"Perfection is the enemy of progress."

I always see girls striving for perfection in their sport and school. Striving for perfection is unachievable and often leads to disappointment. So instead of this, I want you to start striving for PROGRESS.

I am going to teach you three ways that you can strive for progress and stop striving for perfection.

#1: Celebrate your wins

We tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. When you only focus on the negative, it becomes really hard to celebrate any accomplishments and progress...

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Stop Letting Social Media Use You


Today, I have a super important topic to dive into that's a lot different than my previous blog posts.


For most of you, social media is a big part of your life. It can do a lot of good for people, but I've also seen it cause a lot of damage. Two of the biggest disadvantages of social media is comparison of others and feelings of unworthiness. 

I want to teach you how to use social media to your advantage and stop letting social media use you. All of these tips are things you have complete control over. 

#1: Follow people who inspire you

There are tons of amazing people on social media, people that make you want to work harder, people that want to make you a better person. Find those people and connect with them. 

#2: Unfollow people that make you feel unworthy

Are you comparing yourself to people you see on social media? Are you thinking, "I'm never going to be as good as her," or "I'll never have what she has." If so, UNFOLLOW. 

#3: Create and...

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Creating Structure to Manage Soccer & (Online) School


Welcome back to the blog! Today, I'm going to teach you how to maximize your time and be productive this fall season for school and for soccer.

I know everyone is in a different situation whether that is school in person, school online, maybe your season has gotten cancelled. I want to pass along four steps to help manage your time. 

To become a better student and player, I want you to maximize each and every week.


#1: Create weekly habits and intentions

Get out a planner and write three habits you can work on. One school-related, one soccer related, and one health-related. Setting these habits keeps you on track, keeps you in line with your intentions, and keeps you in line with your goals. 


#2: Get your assignments done

Procrastination takes a lot of time and energy. Make it a habit to stay on top of your assignments. Get it off your plate and then you can worry about other things. 


#3: Schedule your home workouts

Get some touches on the ball....

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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged

confidence judgement Aug 05, 2020

A fear that many of us have is the fear of being judged by others. This is one of the MOST common fears of girls and teenagers. 


This becomes a huge problem when players are so afraid of how other people perceive them. Teammates, coaches, parents. 

I specifically remember in club soccer, I had some friends come watch me play a game. I was terrified of making a fool of myself or making a mistake. I didn't want to try too hard and fail.
What's the first thing you do when you make a mistake?
I'm guessing you might look at the sidelines at your coaches, parents, or teammates, anticipating to be yelled at. You will never reach your full potential if you play this way. Value the opinions of the people who love you.

Realize that most people are way more concerned about themselves than judging you. You are way harder on yourself than anybody else. 

The key to playing more confidently, having more fun, and...

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How To Set And Achieve Goals

achievement goals Jul 22, 2020

Today's blog is all about goals, not soccer goals, but about goal setting. More specifically, how to actually achieve your goals.

Far too often we set goals, but don't take the necessary steps or action to make those those goals a reality. I want you to think of your goals as a compass or a GPS.

Your goals are the destination to where you want to go or what you want to achieve. But without a vehicle, you can't make it to your destination.

Remember that the journey is more important than the destination. How will you get to your goal? What do you need to do to accomplish your goal?

I am going to teach you four steps to learn how to set goals, and more importantly, how to achieve them.

Number one is set smart goals.



Action oriented




Number two is create specific action steps.

Ask yourself, "What are two or three things I need to do in order to achieve this goal?" Make sure your action steps are something that you...

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Being More Consistent With Off-Season Training


Welcome back to the blog! With summer and off-season training, most players really start to struggle with staying consistent. 

Recently, I had a call with a college team, and despite their set schedule of working out, most of the players were struggling with staying consistent with their workouts. One thing you need to understand in sports AND in life is this:


Think of any successful athlete, business person, author, or musician.  The ones that stayed consistent over a long period of time are the ones that were successful are the ones that win. 

So, how do you create consistency with your off-season training?

I'm going to break it down into three simple steps for you to follow and to take action.


Number one is figure out your purpose.

Think to yourself, why is this important to me? Why do I need to be consistent with my off-season training? When you have a purpose and a reason for wanting to do something, it's a lot easier to do it.


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Controlling The Controllable


Welcome back guys. Today I wanted to talk about something that I think we ALL need help with, regardless of how old you are or where you're at in your journey.


Controlling the controllable.


What does being in control really mean? 

 It’s not about controlling the outcome, but having control over the process. Control how hard you work, control your attitude. 

 In sports, you don't always have control over the outcome of the game, but you do have control over how you prepare for the game.

 There are a few things that we DO have control over. Everyone is going to make mistakes, and we get to choose how we respond to those mistakes. Yes, you may get the ball taken away from you. Yes, you may miss the shot. Yes, you may fail the test.

How will you respond to those mistakes?



There are 4 things that we ALWAYS have control over.


Number one is attitude.

You always have control over your attitude. You are...

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