Inside the membership community, girl athletes and parents come together to cultivate lifelong confidence through empowering mentorship, education, and connection


The Journey Is Hard, Don't Go It Alone

Perfectionism. Pressure. Comparison. Overthinking. Self doubt. Feeling alone. Fearing mistakes.
Girl athletes battle with these every day. These struggles can lead to burnout, anxiety, poor performance in sport and school, strained relationships, and decreased mental health.
Faced with these struggles, it’s no wonder why so many girls end up falling out of love with and quitting their sport.
This difficult terrain is (unfortunately) all part of her journey as a girl athlete. There will be times when she feels like giving up. Times when your relationship feels strained. Success isn't guaranteed. But the probability of her actually believing in herself and feeling confident in all areas of her life—can be dramatically improved by joining forces with mentors and other families who share your value system and desperately want to see your daughter succeed. 



The Alpha Empowerment Circle is our private membership community of parents and girl athletes who are committed to growth, willing to get outside of their comfort zone, and eager to build unshakable confidence.


All athlete journeys are unique but in order for them to thrive, they can all benefit from things like:

  • Education built to empower

  • Immersive training

  • Access to trusted mentorship and proven tools

  • Support and community for the whole family

  • A safe space to work through challenges

Finding value from those experiences is only possible when the culture providing those experiences is rooted in empowerment


Above All, It's A Safe Space Built on Empowerment

The need for a safe space that educates, empowers, and provides an accepting community for parents and athletes has never been more important. Those values are the core of The Alpha Empowerment Circle.

From those core values flow our community pillars and benefits:

  • A safe place to and questions, share current obstacles, and know that you and your daughter aren't alone
  •  In-depth training with tangible tools and strategies to empower your daughter to build unshakable confidence 
  • Exclusive content unique to what this community needs to thrive
  • A community of like-minded people who want to support you and see your daughter succeed
  • High class mentorship and coaching built to empower you and your daughter along her journey
  • A focused environment conducive to learning and free of distraction and comparison

We're psyched to create such an empowering community void of hate, distractions, algorithms, tire-kickers, and drama starters. This is where committed families jumpstart their athlete's confidence, and it’s where they return time and again to stay locked in, make new connections, elevate their potential, and be part of the movement of empowering girl athletes.

Inside The Community

1. Live Training & Mentorship

When you become a member, not only will your daughter receive high class mentorship and coaching, but you will too! Each month you will have access to three calls including:

  • Athlete only confidence coaching calls
  • Athlete only Q&A sessions
  • Parent only Q&A sessions
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Attending these calls will give your daughter the education and accountability to build unshakable confidence and will allow you to get feedback and advice on how to best support her along the way!

2. Free Access to Workshops & Exclusive Content 

As a valued member, you will get FREE access to any workshops or mini programs I run! You will also have access to curated content specifically for this community so that you and your daughter can learn distraction free!

 3. Direct Access & Support From The Team

In our community, you're not just another number. When you join the family, we commit to putting our whole heart into serving both you and your daughter. We're here with you every step of the way through:

  • 1:1 messaging with myself and my team
  • Email support to answer questions and provide customer support
  • Personalized coaching and feedback during Q&A calls

4. Private Community

One of the most powerful things about this membership is the supportive community that we will cultivate together. The community includes:

  • Curated spaces to ask questions and get support
  • Connect with other members through posts and private 1:1 messaging
  •  Learn alongside other families in similar situations
  • Consume exclusive content for our community only
  • Access to all call replays and resources to ensure your daughters experiences a positive transformation

Want to take a peak inside?


It's a match if you:

  • A safe space to work through challenges

It's NOT a match if you:

  • Be generating passive income

Choose Your Plan

Monthly Subscription


billed every month until cancelled


Quarterly Subscription

$250/ quarter

billed every 3 months until cancelled

About Shay Haddow (that's me!) 👋

I've been in your daughter's shoes

I know what it feels like to be so afraid of making mistakes, to constantly crave other’s approval, and to feel like I wasn’t good enough!

Just like your daughter, I thought I was alone- that I was the only girl on my team who felt that I wasn’t good enough… and I almost quit because of it at the age of 15.

Even in college, while I was playing soccer at the Division I level, I was first in line on the confidence roller coaster. 

It wasn't until my senior year that I realized that I had the power turn my career around by changing my mindset and improving my confidence. 

And because of that I went from being the bench warmer, to the starting team captain.

I'm here to show your daughter that she's not alone. She has this innate power inside of her and it's waiting to be discovered.

"This is the real deal. Shay has done incredible things to help my athlete foster her own sense of calm, composure and confidence, and an injury come-back! !"

- Melanie Creviston (parent)

" I took all of your advice with writing down my goal and visualizing them before practice and then after writing down the things I did well, things I can improve on, and what I learned! It's helping me enjoy the game even when I mess up.

- Julia (athlete)

"I've noticed great changes in my mental game. I don't worry about making mistakes, I just let myself play which makes soccer so much more enjoyable. Shay has also taught me how to be vulnerable, express myself, and listen to other people...which has overall just made me a better person.".

- Katelyn (athlete)